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Northeast Blizzard Of 2013 Timelapse

Geoff Fox lives in a small town in Connecticut, just north of New Haven, and like millions of other Americans living in the Northeast, was hit by the big blizzard. But Fox had the premonition to set up his GoPro camera on the backyard decade in timelapse made to capture the action.

The only reason the video ends so early, he claims, is because the snow rose so quickly, it covered the lens. Now, his video is going viral, and has already garnered over 40,000 views in one day. 


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Dog Shoves Cat’s Face In Snow

Oh man, who can’t feel the joy of the dog – or the discomfort of the cat?! Lindsay Roy-Bernatchez witnessed her cat Katniss getting dunked by a German sheppard. Apart from a moment of pure laughter she got over 200.000 views on this video.

“Mon chat et mon chien”

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Cat Experiences Snow For First Time

Over the weekend, England was hit with some snow. Nothing serious, but the Brits freaked out, and many people like Jef Charles were sent home from work early. 

Jef’s cat Fletcher had never been introduced to snow before, so he grabbed his camera and let the furry guy out the back door. Now, the new cat video has already amassed over half a million views. There’s just something so addictive about watching Fletcher frolic in the snow for the first time. 


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Blizzard Reserves Full Fury for Canadian Meteorologists During Live Report

The blizzard that bypassed New York City on Tuesday night went on to became one of the strongest winter storms to churn the waters of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, striking Canada with its full fury.

he storm slammed the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, bringing winds equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane, waves that exceeded 45 feet in height, and close to two feet of wind-blasted snow.

The storm was so strong that reporters for The Weather Network, the Canadian equivalent to The Weather Channel, had trouble battling the elements during their live shots. In this video, Weather Network meteorologists Chris Scott and Mark Robinson were wiped out of camera-range at about the one minute mark during a report from Grand Etang, Nova Scotia.

According to Weather Underground chief meteorologist Jeff Masters, Grand Etang recorded peak sustained winds of 70 miles per hour, with gusts to 102 miles per hour. This location, Masters said, can experience especially strong southeast winds enhanced by nearby terrain. “These southeasterly winds travel up over Cape Breton and a funneling effect intensifies them as they blow downslope toward the Gulf of St. Lawrence,” he said in a blog post on Thursday.

The storm was noteworthy for intensifying so quickly, going from an ordinary low pressure system to a monstrous storm with a central pressure of 955 millibars — which is about as strong as a winter storm can get in this area.


Visible satellite image of the blizzard on March 26

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Snowshoe Hare’s Camouflage Thwarted By Climate Change

The forest-dwelling snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus)has the remarkable ability to change the color of its fur from brown in summer to white in winter in order to camouflage itself. However, as a new study in the journal Ecology Letters reveals, human activity is causing a snowfall reduction, leaving the wintry white hares standing out to predators like light bulbs, and increasing their mortality rate.

A recent study has suggested that two-thirds of all recent dangerous climatic events are directly attributable to human-produced (anthropogenic) greenhouse gas emissions. These impacts include the rapid alteration of ecosystems, including the types of forests inhabited by the snowshoe hare.

As the new study outlines, the snowshoe hare is remarkably well adapted to its North American environment. It is herbivorous in summer, but when resources are scarce in the winter, it is known to opportunistically become carnivorous to satiate its hunger. A nocturnal animal, it has specialized feet that prevent it from sinking into the winter snow and that protect it from very low temperatures.

A major predator of the hare is the lynx, a fast hunter over twice the size of the average domestic cat. Fortunately, the snowshoe hare has a clever defense mechanism: It is able to change its fur to white to match the color of the snowfall in winter, and brown to match the earthy ground in summer. These changes take about 10 weeks to completely occur, and are related to the production of melanin, a pigment, in its body. The more melanin in the fur, the darker it will be.

The summer morph of the snowshoe hair. Walter Siegmund/Wikimedia Commons; CC BY-SA 3.0

The rabbits detect the changes in the seasonal light through specialized retina cells, which let the brain know when to alter the production of melanin to match the fur coat color to the season. However, previous research has recognized that a decrease in snow due to increasing global temperatures has caused a mismatch between when the white fur appears and the start of a snowy winter.

In order to investigate if this causes an increase in mortality rate, the researchers of this new study tagged 186 snowshoe hares with radio collars in two large swaths of hare territory in Western Montana. These hares were monitored once a week for several years, particularly during the seasonal transitions from summer to winter.

As the light levels remained the same as global temperatures rose, the hares do indeed change their fur color too early for the increasinglydelayed snowfall; consequently, as the radio collars showed, their survival rate has been dropping for some time. In fact, their weekly survival rate suffers a 7 percent drop when snow arrives late or leaves too early.

This paper shows that the mismatch costs are severe enough to cause hare populations to steeply decline in the future unless they can adapt to the change, said Marketa Zimova, lead author of the study, in a statement.

Only time will tell whether or not individuals are able to change their fur color at slightly different times to adapt to the changing snow, and if they can survive long enough to pass on this ability to their offspring. Either way, the evolutionary clock for the snowshoe hare is ticking.

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Skiing Through A Canadian Blizzard

It’s been a relatively mild winter in America so far, but it seems that could all change in Canada right above Montana wants people to know that it is not mild up north at all. They just had over four feet of snow fall recently, and had professional skier Dylan Siggers show off what skiing in a true winter wonderland is like with an awesome and unique GoPro point of view. 


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“Snowmageddon” Set To Hit East Coast US With Record Snowfall

Snowmageddon. Snowpocolypse. Snowzilla.Call it what you will, it looks like North America is set for a serious bout of weather as an intensifying snow storm sweeps across the states, bringing with it predictions of a historic blizzard hitting the East Coast.

Record levels of snow are expected to be dumped on Washington, D.C., and the mid-Atlantic region, while the Gulf states have been warned of heavy rains and the potential for tornadoes.

In the build up to the storm, a state of emergency has been declared in the capital and five other states: Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The storm is expected to affect50 million people and bring up to 61 centimeters (2 feet) of snow over the weekend, with gusts of winds as strong as 80 kilometers per hour (50 mph).

Washington is expected to be the worst hit, with an astonishing 76 centimeters (2.5 feet) of snow forecast to fall between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening.

People finding themselves in the eye of the storm have been warned to be aware of the potential dangerof blizzards, high winds, white-outs and even possibly thundersnow a thunderstorm where snow falls instead of rain.Those on the edges have been cautioned against storm surges and inland flooding.

It is not looking as big as Superstorm Sandy that hit in 2012, but people from Delaware to New York have been warned to prepare themselves all the same. We’re bracing for the first big storm of the winter. I want to let my fellow New Yorkers know we’re prepared, the agencies here are ready for what’s coming up ahead, said New Yorks mayor, Bill de Blasio.

More than 4,500 flights are reported to have been canceled for Friday and Saturday in expectation of the blizzard, while the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority will suspend all operations of the subway over the weekend. Schools will also be closed, and motorists are urged to stay off the roads, with fatalities having already been recorded in Virginia and North Carolina.

Store shelves have been stripped clean, as people have begun stocking up on essentials like bread and milk in preparation for the lock-down that is likely to occur over the weekend.

Low pressure from the eastern Pacific Ocean has moved west across the United States, eventually giving way to a more intense area of low pressure around the coast, and it is this that becomes the driving force in forming the heavy snow bands set to smother Washington.

The intense pressure gradient will also create strong winds and extreme rainfall along the Gulf Coast. As the patch of low pressure continues to push east, the area of severe weather will do the same.

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Cat In Alabama Reacts To Snow For First Time

Cat In Alabama Reacts To Snow For First Time

Much of the South, including Alabama, has been hit by a rare snow storm

Mikeg lives in Alabama and let his cat Sophie out to play in the rare snow for the first time. Naturally, the cat didn’t know how to react to the cold white stuff and freaked out. 

The video has gone viral with over 100,000 hits!


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Waffles The Cat Slips On Ice And Fails Jump

Waffles The Cat Slips On Ice And Fails Jump

Cats are agile, lithe, and graceful creatures. Except when snow and ice are involved. 

Waffles the cat demonstrates this fact as it attempted to jump from the roof of an icy car to the roof of the garage, but ended up slipping and falling as if in a cartoon.

The brand new video by YakStudios has gone viral with over 220,000 views already. 


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