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Brazilian Family Shares Home With Pet Tigers

Brazilian Family Shares Home With Pet Tigers

This incredible news report by Barcroft TV has gone viral, quickly amassing over 100,000 views.

The Brazilian Borges family wasn’t satisfied with a conventional dog or cat, so they super-sized their pet order to not one tiger, but pack of seven. After rescuing two tigers from the circus, Aryas started breeding the big cats, and even lets his daughter play with them. 


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Tiger Wants Tiger Pattern Slippers

This video from last June went months with almost no views until suddenly going viral now, being viewed more than 20,000 times in the past few days. While visiting the Tiger exhibit at the zoo,  noticed how attracted one tiger became to her slippers. The great cat pawed at the glass trying to reach the tiger-patterned slippers while zoo goers oohed and ahhed in excitement. 


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Tiger Jumping To Catch Meat In Slow Motion Is Glorious

Tiger Jumping To Catch Meat In Slow Motion Is Glorious

Everyone online knows that cats are extremely agile, lithe, and athletic. That’s just one reason why they are such captivating creatures. Maxime Dehaye was at the tiger exhibit at the zoo when it was feeding time. He was lucky enough to capture the exact moment when one of the tigers jumped nearly as high as the fence to catch a giant hunk of meat. Dinner time! 


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Tiger And Dog Play

Don’t believe every common saying you’ve heard. Like the idea that cats and dogs hate each other, that’s not always true. Just like you can see in this video shared by DailyPicksAndFlicks. A full grown tiger and dog run around and play like they’re best friends. And that’s because they are. They grew up as pups together, and have been inseparable since. 


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Adorable Wild Tiger Cubs And New Mom Caught On Camera For First Time

Tigers are a common big cat to find at the local zoo, but wild tigers are a much more rare treat for the camera lens.

BBC Earth reports this is the first time a wild tiger mom and her cubs have been captured on film. The new mom struggles to keep an eye on her relatively large litter of four adorable and rambunctious cubs.

Incredibly, the cameras were actually mounted on elephants, so there were no humans to startle or upset the natural balance of the Indian Jungle. 


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Great Cats React To Mirror At Big Cat Sanctuary

Tigers, lions, leopards, and other great cats spend so much time grooming, the nice people at the  wanted to show the kitties how good they look. They took a giant mirror to the edge of the pen and showed the cats their reflection. Some of the huge kitties are scared, while others seem happy to see such a familiar face. The video is featured on TheDailyWhat and TastefullyO.


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