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McDonald’s Happy Meals In Sweden Can Fold Into Virtual Reality Goggles

Back in my day, youd be lucky to get a miniatureBeanie Baby with your Happy Meal. Nowadays, you get a kit to make your own virtual reality (VR)headset.

Starting on March 5, McDonalds will be dishing out Happy Goggles at14 of their restaurants in Sweden. The good old-fashioned plastic toys will continue to be part of the Happy Meal.

The VR gogglescan be created by simplyfolding up the limited-edition Happy Meal boxes. After folding it up, you can place a smartphone (not included in the deal, unfortunately) in the goggles.Using specifically designed apps and videos, you can enjoy your own virtual reality experience.

To accompany the foldable Happy Meal boxes, McDonald’s isreleasing a game called Watch Out on the Slopes to use with the headset. The game is endorsed by two leading child psychologists and the Swedish alpine ski teamin the hopes of teaching kids how to stay safe and alert while skiing.

The project also has another interest in promoting technology and digital skills among kids andperhaps more importantly, their parents. In a statement, McDonalds said: New generations are growing up in a world where smartphones and tablets are a part of our ordinary life. The VR goggles open the door to virtual worlds, which of course is very exciting. This step might come more natural for children than for adults. It creates an opportunity for adults to learn from the childrens knowledge and experience.

At the moment, the VR headset will only be available in some restaurants in northern Sweden, although McDonald’s have said theyre interested in rolling it out to other countries soon.

Alternatively, if McDonalds isnt your thing, Google hasreleased a guideon how to make your own cupboard VR headset.

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Yo-Yo Tricks In Space

Having the amazing opportunity to work in space is many scientists dream. And one of the best parts of being in space is the fun parts! Like experimenting with toys from Earth, such as the yo-yo. 

Since the physics are different in space, the yo-yo behaves differently, causing the tricks to have new outcomes. 

 just published this video NASA Astronaut Don Pettit showing us some cool new and classic yo-yo tricks in space that has started to trend. 


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Photophrapher’s Quadcopter Crashes Into Groom’s Head

WeddingMan123 is a wedding photographer of the 21 century. He doesn’t just take a couple pictures with a digital camera. He goes above and beyond, even utilizing a remote control quadcopter equipped with GoPro video cameras to create stunning visuals. 

Problem is, he still needs to work on his flying capabilities. While attempting a fly-by, the quadcopter accidentally crashed into the groom’s head, even cutting his cheek.

But don’t worry. The bride and groom were able to laugh about the mishap and were even the ones to request the video be posted online.

Now, the two week old video has only gone viral now, garnering over 600,000 hits since trending over the weekend. 


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Ken Block Gymkhana 6 With Remote Control Cars

Ken Block Gymkhana 6 With Remote Control Cars

In November, racer Ken Block debuted the sixth installment of his popular Gymkhana racing series, which stands with over 15 million views

Remote control car company HPI Racing perfectly parodied the race video, frame for frame, with one of their professional RC drivers and a GoPro camera.


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World’s Highest Hot Wheels Wall Track

World’s Highest Hot Wheels Wall Track

HOT WHEELS is trending again online after debuting the World’s Highest Wall Track ever! In Barcelona, Spain, the famous toy company built a crazy high wall of Hot Wheels track that climbed a tall building. With over 40,000 spectators from the BCN FanFest watching, they let one of their camera equipped toy cars down the track for a very long ride. 


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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Dance With GoPro-Fitted Hula Hoop

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Dance With GoPro-Fitted Hula Hoop

It’s not difficult to see why this video by Blue Star Media has gone viral over the weekend with over half a million views

The official Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders YouTube channel outfitted a hula hoop with a GoPro camera and handed the retro-fitted hip shaking toy to their cheerleaders during their swimsuit calender shoot.

“The finished product, GREATNESS!”

It seems the Internet agrees.

The official GoPro Google+ page even featured the video.


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