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Everyone Is Playing Pokemon Go

In case you haven’t heard, Nintendo’s Pokemon is finally available at the App store.It’s an augmented reality game where players must catch digital Pokemon in the realworld. Incredibly, Nintendo has managed to get a generation of young people outsidein the fresh air to play their newest game.Chase Levinrealized he wasn’t the only one at the park playing. He quickly realized everyone else was also! Got to catch ’em all!


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Grandmother Tries Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Helmet

Paul Rivot‘s grandma has become a viral video star after footage of her reacting to wearing a virtual reality helmet hit the web. The 90 year old granny was blown way by the impressive visuals by the Oculus Rift 3D gaming VR helmet. 

“Is it my eyes, or are the leaves blowing?” she asks as she views a virtual grassy field. To add to the virtual effects, gyroscopes on the helmet constantly measure her movements to dynamically change the canvas she sees as she ‘looks around.’ 


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Bluthfighter The Arrested Development Fighting Game

Last month, it seemed the buzz surrounding the return of a new season of Arrested Development on Netflix would never die down. And just like that, the excitement has faded.

But now, dedicated AD fan and computer animator Brian Anderson has helped create a new buzz surrounding the franchises with this new video of what he imagines an epic Arrested fighting game would look like. 

And fans seem to agree with his vision, helping the video go viral. Already, the clip is covered on KotakuNerdApproved, PleatedJeansDorkly, and CNet


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Real Working Iron Man Cosplay Suit

As the Internet continues to grow, so does cosplaying, an art form when fans dress up as famous fictional character, usually from the fantasy and action genres. 

This Japanese man in an Iron Man suit may have won the Internet and all cosplay competition till the end of time. His suit looks 100% Hollywood movie set ready, and it even has real moving parts! The face mask open and closes, the eyes even light up, and more!

The video is going viral after being featured on Kotaku, Reddit, and IGN.


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Star Wars With 8-Bit Classic Video Game Sound

Most nerds who appreciate video games also like Star Wars. The two almost go hand in hand. What if Star Wars was made with 8-bit style sound? You remember Atari and Nintendo, right? Giving Star Wars a vintage arcade audio card just makes sense, and, now, here it is. I might prefer the 8-bit music to the original. 


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