Visa Debuts NFT Support for Meta-Ready Businesses

Last week, global financial group Visa announced it had launched an NFT creator programme that helps small businesses transition to a digital economy. The programme concentrates on developing small businesses that want to harness preexisting technologies, including NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain to secure their future in Metaverse-based eCommerce opportunities. The Visa Creator Programme invites digital […]

How AR Is Transforming Retail

Augmented reality (AR) unlocks a variety of unique benefits to the retail sector as it is much easier to implement than virtual reality (VR), which requires specialized hardware and software applications. Also, it allows online shoppers hands-on interactions with retail goods by combining the convenience of digital with the personal nature of physical shopping experiences, […]

Google Debuts ARCore on New Android Smartphones

This week, Google announced that ARCore, its augmented reality software development kit (ARSDK), is officially certified for roughly 30 new Android smartphones chosen based on the cameras, motion sensors, and CPU technology integrated into each Android device. Furthermore, ARCore compatible devices must access Google’s 3D Animal library in Search and Playground – the firm’s web […]

Paid and Organic Social Media Are Better Together—Here Are 5 Reasons Why

You’ll get more out of social by uniting these two strategies—here are five reasons that prove why paid and organic are better together.

MultiBrush Update Adds Meta Avatars, Passthrough Mode

MultiBrush now supports Meta avatars, along with passthrough integration on Quest!

More info here.

Ilysia Launches Beta Access Sale, Quest 1 & PSVR Versions Still Coming

VR MMO Ilysia has launched sales of beta access codes, and PSVR 1 & Quest 1 versions are still coming.

More details here.

Valve Index Usage Grew More Than Quest 2 On Steam In March

Valve Index usage grew more than Quest 2 in March on Steam.

This has only happened once before.

Half-Life 2 VR Mod Resurfaces With New Gameplay, Details

Half-Life 2’s VR mod has resurfaced again.

Fresh gameplay and new details right here.

The XR Week Peek (2022.04.04): Meta Quest Gaming Showcase is back, Mojo Vision is “feature complete”, and more!

It’s been a fun 1st of April for the whole XR community, with many jokes and pranks being released in

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Station Waits for Private Astronauts during Science and Spacewalk Preps

The seven-member Expedition 67 crew will wait an extra day to greet the first private astronauts who are due to launch this weekend to the International Space Station. In the meantime, the orbital residents focused on human research and physics today while gearing up for a pair of spacewalks later this month. The first private …