U.S., Russian Resupply Ships Depart and Launch on Tuesday

The Cygnus resupply ship will complete its cargo mission to the International Space Station on Tuesday. Several hours later, Russia’s ISS Progress 78 (78P) cargo craft will launch on a two-day trip to replenish the Expedition 65 crew. Commander Akihiko Hoshide joined Flight Engineer Thomas Pesquet and closed the hatch on the trash-filled Cygnus early …

LinkedIn Publishes New Digital Magazine of Business Growth Tips

The magazine includes a range of helpful tips and expert insights.

Every Game That Supports 120Hz On Oculus Quest 2

The list of games that can run at 120Hz on Oculus Quest 2 with the v28 software update continues to grow. Here’s every game that can run at 120Hz on Quest 2.

Watch: Pistol Whip Is Getting John Wick’s Lethal Pencil

John Wick’s lethal pencil will be in the Style System update to Pistol Whip as one of its new melee weapons.

VRChat Live Theatre? ‘Welcome To Respite’ Performers Explain Why It Works So Well

We interviewed performers who developed a participatory theatre experience delivered in VRChat. What can simulated theatre do that physical theatre can’t? Check out our discussion!

Larcenauts Finally Supports Vive & Index On Steam, Cross-Play Lobbies Added

Larcenauts finally supports Vive and Index on Steam.

LinkedIn Publishes New Mini-Guide to its Ad Targeting Options

The guide covers all aspects of the LinkedIn ad creation process.

Facebook Publishes New Report on the Evolution of eCommerce, and Strategic Considerations

The 30-page report provides some great insights into key eCommerce and mobile usage trends.

Facebook Tests New Reels and Rooms UI, Integrated into the Facebook Stories Panel

The display would give users another way to discover Reels and Rooms content in the app.

How To Watch TV Shows & Movies On Oculus Quest 2

Whether you’re going solo or getting together virtually with friends, here are the best ways to watch TV shows and movies on Oculus Quest 2.