Meta’s ‘Horizon’ Social VR Platform Surpasses 300,000 Users in 3 Months

Meta opened its Horizon Worlds social VR platform in December, rolling out its proto-metaverse project to Quest users in the US and Canada. During an all-hands company call this past week—where CEO Mark Zuckerberg dubbed Meta employees ‘metamates’—the company announced its Horizon platform has now exceeded 300,000 users. Meta’s chief product officer Chris Cox made a statement during […]

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‘STRIDE’ Studio Announces Sci-Fi Roguelite ‘OUTLIER’, Coming to SteamVR in March

Joy Way, the studio behind VR titles STRIDE and AGAINST, announced it has another game in the early access pipeline. Called OUTLIER, the sci-fi roguelite is headed to Steam next month, with a version for Quest planned for 2022. Outlier is offering up procedurally-generated levels, an array of weapons and characters, and is taking inspiration from indie greats such as Risk of […]

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Cygnus Mission Go for Saturday Launch as Crew Preps

A U.S. resupply ship is poised to blast off Saturday morning on a day-and-a-half-long journey to replenish the International Space Station. While two astronauts train for its robotic capture, the rest of the Expedition 66 crew focused on maintaining science hardware and orbital lab systems. Weather at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia is forecast …

Factory42 Opens The Green Planet AR Experience

The Green Planet Augmented Reality (AR) Experience, inspired by the hit BBC series, opened its doors last week to visitors in an exhibition aimed at educating on biodiversity with the power of immersive technologies. Combining a stunning masterpiece of tailored audiovisual effects, real-time 3D (RT3D) content, 5G, and AR, audiences can learn about the world’s […]

Taqtile Manifest to Digitise Inspections, Compliance

Taqtile, a US firm specialising in augmented reality (AR) enterprise workflow solutions, announced on Thursday it had added features to its Manifest platform, allowing remote and deskless workers to perform inspections and eliminating the need for paper-based processes. Workers can now conduct inspections, quality control checks, and audits remotely via the innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, […]

Web 3.0 vs Metaverse

Since its inception in the 1980s, the internet has come a long way. The first iteration of the internet was mainly focused on content consumption with a few users posting content and the majority consuming it passively. The second iteration was the social internet where users both generated and consumed content, and there were a […]

The State of XR in the Field Service Industry 2022

Extended Reality is helping to pave the way to the “new normal” of the post-pandemic world. Enabling a better level of communication, collaboration, and creativity, XR supports businesses in a host of valuable use cases. In the field services sector, the benefits of extended reality could be particularly compelling. Field services naturally operate in fluid, […]

Instagram Content Strategy: Create Without Burnout

Tired of creating Instagram content day after day? Wondering if there’s an easier way? s article, you’ll discover how to build an Instagram content strategy that works without leaving you feeling drained, even when you have nothing to promote, I interview Elise Darma.

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Meta Publishes New Report into Evolving Conversation Trends and Interests [Infographic]

The report provides an in-depth overview of the latest trends and shifts that are shaping online conversation.

Snapchat Will Let Users Update their Username From February 23rd

The update will enable Snapchatter’s to finally shed those old, ‘funny at the time’ usernames