University Project Aims to ‘Dissolve Borders’ Between Virtual and Real-World Meetings

The University of Glasgow has won funding for a project that aims to eradicate awkward virtual meetings by better portraying non-verbal cues. The FUSION project has been awarded £1.75m to create meeting spaces that will incorporate both virtual and physical spaces. People will interact with each other in these spaces both physically and as avatars. […]

Unity to ‘Renew Focus’ on Creatives at Unity for Humanity Event

XR Today had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Lindl, VP of Education and Social Impact, Unity to discuss the Unity for Humanity initiative further. The conversation comes after Lindl, a key figure in the global sustainable initiatives industry, joined XR Today for an interview on the future of Unity’s collaboration with the XR Association (XRA). […]

Rokid Max AR Glasses Review: The Complete Guide

The Rokid Max AR glasses, released this year, promise consumers a unique insight into the evolving world of smart glasses technology. While major technology brands have been discussing the potential benefits of smart glasses for a while now, the market is still quite limited. We’ve seen plenty of updates to the VR/AR and mixed reality […]

The Best Augmented Reality Accessories for AR Immersion

Augmented reality accessories are intuitive tools, add-ons, and extras designed to enhance user experiences when adopting smart glasses and AR headsets. Demand for these solutions is increasing as the market for augmented reality continues to grow, predicted to reach a value of $1,109.71 billion by 2030. AR accessories don’t just give AR fans an opportunity […]

Newegg’s Quest 3 Black Friday Deal Gives You A Quest Store Gift Card With Your Purchase

Newegg’s Quest 3 Black Friday deal gives you a Quest Store gift card with your purchase.

Pico 4 Black Friday Weekend Deal: Just €330/£260 And Comes With 3 Free VR Games

Pico 4 Black Friday deal: just €330/£260 and comes with Arizona Sunshine 2, Green Hell VR, and Warplanes: Battles over Pacific.

‘Samsung Glasses’ Trademark Filed In The UK

Samsung filed a trademark for ‘Samsung Glasses’ in the UK.

Here’s what this might be.

First look at Apple Vision Pro development in Unity

After the latest Unite event, Unity has released in Open Beta the tools to develop applications for the Apple Vision Pro. The development packages are usable only by people having Unity Pro or Enterprise, but the documentation is publicly available for everyone to see. At VRROOM, we have a Unity Enterprise subscription, so I’ll be […]

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Co-op Dungeon Crawler ‘Dungeons of Eternity’ Has Big Plans for Post-launch Content

Dungeons of Eternity (2023), the VR hack-n-slash adventure, has big plans for post-launch content, as developers Othergate announced its roadmap for the next year. Released on Quest in October, Dungeons of Eternity includes both co-op and solo gameplay, pitting you against ever-changing dungeons with up to three other players. The game’s randomly-generated dungeons also include multiple […]

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Crew Continues Biology Research, Station Upkeep on Friday

The Expedition 70 crew is back to work following yesterday’s off-duty day to observe the Thanksgiving holiday. After enjoying holiday treats like chocolate, duck, quail, seafood, pumpkin spice cappuccino and more, the seven International Space Station residents focused on space biology research and station upkeep on Friday. In the morning, Flight Engineer Jasmin Moghbeli of …