Station Separates from Debris After Orbital Maneuver

At 1:58 a.m. CST, 2:58 a.m. EST this morning, the Russian Progress 79, attached to the space station, fired its thrusters for 2 minutes and 41 seconds to slightly lower the station’s orbit. This maneuver provided a healthy margin of separation from a fragment of Pegasus rocket debris (object 39915) that ballistics specialists have been …

Flight Controllers Assessing Debris Risk to Station

Flight controllers and orbital debris experts in Houston are assessing the potential risk of a piece of orbital debris from a Pegasus rocket that may pass close to the International Space Station early Friday morning. Mission Control is working with NASA’s international partners to prepare for a possible debris avoidance maneuver. The closest pass is …

Meta Quest 2 Officially Supports Mixed Reality Casting

To close off November, Meta announced Quest version 35 (V35) that comes just shy of Meta’s October Connect event. The latest update brings Meta’s upcoming mixed reality (MR) and Metaverse vision to life. Meta is proud to introduce ‘Mobile MR Camera’ to its Quest smartphone application. An ‘experimental’ casting feature that enables individuals to see, […]

OFF Secures $3.5 Million for NFT-Based Animated Avatars

This week, non-refundable token (NFT) and avatar firm OFF announced a successful funding round worth roughly $3.5 million USD. Hashed and Collab+Currency led the funding round with additional support from by BITKRAFT Ventures, Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and SamsungNEXT. The acquired capital will enable OFF to expand its ‘MYTY Camera’ solution – a first-of-its-kind NFT-based […]

Doing Business in the Metaverse: Opportunity or Threat?

Even as the technology for the metaverse is being built, businesses are gearing up for a radical transformation. Cryptocurrency company and market insights provider, Grayscale, recently pegged the metaverse’s revenue generation potential as $1 trillion. According to its reports, revenues from virtual gaming worlds could increase from $180 billion in 2020 to $400 billion by […]

Microsoft Maquette Review: Simple Spatial Prototyping

Microsoft has always been an innovator in the technology world. It’s no surprise, then, that the business is also one of the market leaders in the extended reality ecosystem. Investing in everything from augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) apps to next-level mixed reality tools, Microsoft’s presence in the XR world is constantly evolving. In 2019, […]

Communication That Converts: A 4-Step Framework for Persuasion

Is your content converting? Are you looking for a better way to move people to action? To learn a four-part story framework that leverages persuasion psychology that inspires action, I interview Pat Quinn.

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LinkedIn Launches Hindi Language Support, the First Indian Regional Language for the Platform

India is now LinkedIn’s second-biggest user market, behind the US.

Meta Launches New Initiative to Share Data on Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior with More Researchers

Meta’s new project will open up its coordinated inauthentic behavior research to more academic groups, improving detection and enforcement.

TikTok Launches New Transparency Center to Share Insights into Content Removals and Actions

TikTok’s new Transparency Center will make it easier to track historic actions related to content violations and government removal requests.