Mr. Beast Takes the Top Spot in Forbes’ 2021 YouTube Earners List

Jimmy Donaldson takes the crown for 2021, beating out long-running champ Ryan Kaji of ‘Ryan’s World’.

Bloomberg: Facing Overheating Issue, Apple’s Headset Probably Won’t Ship This Year

Due to “overheating, cameras and software” Apple recently informed suppliers its mixed reality headset probably won’t be ready to release this year, Bloomberg reports.

Editorial: With Apple Approaching, Meta Needs A More Intuitive VR User Experience

Editorial With Apple approaching the VR market, Meta needs to change its approach to user interface and experience in headsets.

Epic Games Awarded Grants to 31 XR Projects in 2021 Through the $100M MegaGrants Fund

Since 2019 Epic Games (well known as the creators of Unreal Engine & Fortnite) has run the Epic MegaGrants program, a $100 million fund to financially support projects built with Unreal Engine. In 2021 the program awarded grants to 31 XR projects. Epic recently recapped the complete list of MegaGrant recipients in 2021, comprising a whopping […]

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Mike Tyson Backs Solana NFT Project TheDreamChain

The latest celebrity to join the NFT wave is boxing legend Mike Tyson, who tweeted his support for Ethereum-based Solana (SOL) and announced he had teamed up with TheDreamChain, Cointelegraph first reported on early Friday. Tyson tweeted he was a “born-again Solano (SOL) proponent” along with a Catalina Whale Mixer NFT, priced at roughly $2,200 […]

Royal Danish Air Force to Expand VR Training Capabilities

Danish virtual reality (VR) aviation training solutions provider VRPilot announced this week it plans to greatly expand its immersive learning modules for Royal Danish Airforce (RDAF) training centres. After a year-long partnership, VRpilot will introduce its VRBasic training solution for RDAF aviation students at the Karup Air Base Flight School. The extended partnership between VRPilot […]

SteamVR Beta Improves Meta Quest 2 Gameplay

Valve Corporation’s recent update to SteamVR beta programmes aims to boost its use across Oculus Quest headsets, user notes from the company’s website revealed. SteamVR Beta 1.21.5 has upgraded functionality for Quest headsets, allowing users smoother gameplay and connectivity when tethered to PCs. Valve has designed its SteamVR platform to function across all headset brands […]

The State of VR in Healthcare 2022

Virtual reality is taking the world by storm. One of the most exciting disruptive technologies in the world, VR promises us a way to unlock new levels of creativity and opportunity. While VR can have a positive impact on most industries, few are demonstrating the tech’s potential quite like healthcare. In the last couple of […]

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Twitter Tests New List Creation Tools in TweetDeck

The new updates could make it easier to set up a social listening dashboard in the app.