5 Ways Providers Can Improve Patient Experience

How to create a content marketing strategy your customers will love, in seven steps.

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VR Platformer ‘Ven VR Adventure’ Coming to Quest on August 12th

Third-person VR platformer Ven VR Adventure, which launched on PC VR last holiday season, is now set for an August 12th release date on Oculus Quest. The game has been confirmed for PSVR as well, but there’s no word on a launch date. Much like Astro Bot or Moss, in Ven VR Adventure you’re tasked with guiding little Ven […]

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Starliner Stands Down, Station Crew Works Physics and Nauka Transfers

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner crew ship will roll back to its Vehicle Integration Facility so mission teams can examine the cause of unexpected valve position indications on the spacecraft’s propulsion system. Starliner’s launch targeted for today was halted as a result. NASA and Boeing are analyzing indications that not all of Starliner’s valves were in the …

7 Social Media Design Mistakes That All Marketers Need to Avoid [Infographic]

Some key tips to help improve the performance of your social posts and web content.

WhatsApp Adds Disappearing Images and Videos in Chats

The option will see all videos and images disappear from message threads after being opened.

Twitter Tests New Sensitive Content Appeals Process as it Continues to Refine its Detection Efforts

The option will ideally enable Twitter to continue refining its detection algorithms, while also catering for false positives.

TikTok Announces New Partnership with Publicis Groupe to Facilitate Expanded Access to its Commerce Tools

The partnership will see TikTok provide Publicis clients with first-up access to its evolving commerce tools.

Everslaught Sells 1,000+ Copies On PC VR Launch Day, PSVR Version Planned

PC VR dungeon crawler Everslaught sold over 1,000 copies when it launches this weekend.

Population: One Puts Premium Battle Pass On Hiatus, Kicks Off Free Season

Population: One is putting its premium battle pass on hiatus as it kicks off 11 weeks of free events.

Facebook Improves Android App Integration With Multitasking On Quest 2

Multitasking is now available for some Quest 2 users, which brings increased Infinite Office functionality as well as improved Android mobile app integration.