TikTok’s Taking a New Approach to Promoting its Live Stream Shopping Tools in the US

After failing to gain significant traction with its live shopping tools in Europe, TikTok’s trying a new approach.

Twitter Moves to Next Stage of Testing for its New ‘Status’ Indicators

Twitter’s status indicators could add more quick context to your tweets.

YouTube’s Testing a New Process to Crowd-Source Feedback on Automated Caption Accuracy

The process will enable users to provide feedback on incorrect captions on clips.

Hands-On: Space Salvage Mixes Corporate Satire With An Intriguing VR Space Adventure

In space, no one can hear you scream…

…but your corporate overseers can exploit you for profit!

Here are our impressions Space Salvage from EGX London 2022.

Quest 2 SteamVR Usage Drops As Pico 4 Launch Approaches

Quest 2 Steam Hardware Survey usage falls as Pico 4 launch approaches.

D-Link’s VR Air Bridge Wi-Fi Dongle For Quest 2 On Sale For $99

D-Link’s VR Air Bridge for wireless PC VR on Quest headsets is priced $99.

The XR Week Peek (2022.10.03): Quest 3 leaks, Lenovo ThinkReality VRX launch, and more!

I wish you are having a great day and a great week! This week I’ve been pretty busy with my dev work, but I also had some great moments: I had the pleasure of attending an XR-related event dedicated to women here in Turin; of being interviewed by the awesome Rene Schulte for his podcast […]

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Google Ventures Invests $12M in SideQuest to Create Main Content Hub for XR Ecosystem

SideQuest, the sideloading software and unofficial app store for Meta’s Quest and Quest 2, announced it completed a $12 million Series A investment, this time led by Google’s investment arm, Google Ventures (GV). Founded in 2019 by Belfast-based team Orla and Shane Harris, SideQuest has essentially become the de facto unofficial app store, not to […]

Crew Explores Space Effects on Humans, Foams Before SpaceX Crew Launch

The seven-member Expedition 68 crew continued its science activities on Tuesday exploring how microgravity affects biology and physics. Back on Earth, three astronauts and one cosmonaut are less than a day away from launching to the International Space Station. NASA Flight Engineers Frank Rubio and Bob Hines targeted their biology studies on what is happening …

SandboxVR Taps Vicon For Global Expansion

Motion measurement firm Vicon has inked a series of contracts with Sandbox VR, one of the world’s top firms for location-based virtual reality (LBVR) services to open six fresh global locations. The partnership comes as Vicon backed the 2019 launch of the Amber Sky 2088 experience, which leveraged Sandbox VR’s true free roam immersive experience. […]