Lynx Launches Kickstarter for Powerful MR Headset

French mixed reality (MR) headset startup Lynx announced on Monday a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to raise additional funds ahead of the February 2022 launch of its Lynx R-1 headset. The kickstarter starts today at 19:00 CEST and the campaign’s success will help ensure a quick delivery of R-1 headsets to global customers. The R-1’s […]

Instagram Retires IGTV Brand, Merges Video Feed Posts into a Single Format

The updated format will simplify Instagram’s video offerings.

Internal Documents Show Facebook Usage Among Young Users is in Steep Decline

The latest revelations from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen show that the company may be losing touch with younger audiences.

New Report Highlights the Growth of Data Hacks, and Key Concerns Among Web Users [Infographic]

When was the last time you updated your passwords? This new report could prompt you to take action on the web security front.

8 Graphic Design Trends for a Modern Marketing Strategy in 2022 [Infographic]

Ensure your website is on trend with this listing of emerging graphic design shifts. 

‘Oculess’ Lets You Unlink Facebook From Your Oculus Quest 2

A sideloadable tool called ‘Oculess’ lets you unlink your Facebook account from your Oculus Quest or Quest 2.

You’ll lose access to Oculus Store apps (including Virtual Desktop) but can use SideQuest content instead.

Lynx Standalone AR-VR Headset Kickstarter Launches With $600 Price

French startup Lynx just launched the Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming standalone AR-VR hybrid headset.

The device is available for pledges above €530, equivalent to just over $600.

Niantic Acquires Hoss To Build Lightship API Developer Platform

Niantic just acquired Hoss. The company will develop a platform and set of tools that makes it easier for developers to work with Niantic’s upcoming Lightship ARDK.

Panzer Dragoon VR Cancellation Confusion After False Death Report

Panzer Dragoon VR’s future is uncertain after a deleted tweet falsely claimed its producer had died. Yes. Really.

The XR Week Peek (2021.10.04): Vive Flow teased, Valve Deckard leaked, and more!

This period I am busy as hell… it seems that life has decided that everything should happen to me in

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