Flight Sim’s Nordics World Update Tackles Iceland And The Lego House

Flight Sim’s stunning Nordic update brings The Lego House to VR.

Twitter Will Now Let Spaces Hosts Download an Audio File of Their Space

There’s a new way to utilize the audio from your Twitter Spaces broadcasts.

Google Adds New Listing Options for Business Profiles, Including Services, Bookings and Streamlined Catalog Upload

Google’s got some new options for connecting with potential customers within its apps.

New Report Looks at Evolving Consumer Expectations from Brands on Social Media [Infographic]

Sprout Social’s latest report looks at key social customer expectation trends, and how brands can adapt their approaches.

Google Adds New Search Console Insights to Provide Quick Pointers on Key Website Visitor Trends

Google’s new Search Console Insights will help you get a better understanding of key website visitor behaviors, in real-time.

‘Breakthrough’ Pancake Lenses Could Bring Compact Headsets

Kopin revealed the first all-plastic pancake lenses which it says enables much more compact VR headsets.

Oculus Quest v30 Rolling Out With Microphone Swapping And Multitasking

Facebook is rolling out the v30 update for Oculus Quest owners with some major updates to how voice chat is handled as well as multitasking with 2D apps.

Larcenauts Review-In-Progress: A Rich VR Shooter With Room To Improve

Larcenauts is a genuinely deep multiplayer VR shooter with huge potential and room to improve. Read our first impressions in our review-in-progress.

Update: Tetris Effect: Connected Gets Beta Next Week, Release In July

The Tetris Effect: Connected expansion will include several new competitive and co-op multiplayer modes, available in beta for PlayStation players next week.

I Boosted My Quest 2’s Field Of View Halfway To A Valve Index! VRCover Foam Pad’s FOV Rated.

I Boosted My Quest 2’s Field Of View Halfway To A Valve Index! VRCover Foam Pad’s FOV Rated.

If you’ve got a Quest 2 and use it regularly you’ll likely already have taken steps to improve its comfort through the purchase of third-party head straps, facial interfaces, and face pads. Having a comfortable headset that fits well on your face can make a big difference to your long-term enjoyment of virtual reality.

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