Hands-on: Varjo’s Unique Masking Tool Lets You Bring the Real World into VR

Varjo’s XR-3 headset has perhaps the best passthrough view of any MR headset on the market thanks to color cameras that offer a fairly high resolution and a wide field-of-view. But rather than just using the passthrough view for AR (bringing virtual objects into the real world) Varjo has developed a new tool to do […]

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ENGAGE XR Selected for ‘World-First’ VR School

ENGAGE XR announced on Friday it had struck a massive deal with classical curriculum development firm Optima Domi to provide solutions for a world-first virtual reality (VR) charter school in Florida. The facility will open classes in Autumn 2022 and plans to host up to 1,500 teachers and scholars for grades 3 to 8, with […]

Integrating Meta Quest into Enterprise Workflows

Oculus parent company Meta is the market leader in virtual reality (VR) solutions due partly to the massively-popular Quest lineup of standalone headsets. Meta shook up the VR landscape after it acquired Oculus in 2016 and once again by rebranding itself as ‘Meta’ in late October this year. The change reflects the firm’s new vision […]

Holo-Light Debuts XRnow Service at AWE 2021

German tech firm Holo-Light revealed its latest immersive Streaming-as-a-Service platform for visualising augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) applications at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, California this week. Holo-Light’s ‘XRnow’ solution will allow mobile XR devices to use cloud-based streaming for rapid processing and on-demand global access for VR/AR immersive experiences. The new platform […]

T-Mobile, Qualcomm Build Snapdragon Content Ecosystem

US manufacturer of chipsets and wireless communications technology Qualcomm announced a partnership with telecoms firm T-Mobile to launch the “Snapdragon Spaces extended reality (XR) Developer Platform,” a software development kit (SDK) to support augmented reality (AR) content creation for Qualcomm hardware. The openXR SDK gives AR developers the freedom to accelerate and refine the production […]

TikTok Adds Disney Character Voices to its Text-to-Speech Feature

The announcement comes a day after Instagram added text to speech to Reels.

TikTok Launches New Digital Magazine to Highlight Effective Marketing Approaches in the App

The 8-page overview includes a range of case studies, insights and tips.

Facebook Adds Shops in Groups, New Product Recommendation and Display Options Tied to Group Engagement

The option will provide new ways to display product listings to Facebook users aligned with dedicated interests.

Twitter’s Coming NFT Profile Images will be Displayed in a Different Shape to Signify Ownership

The alternative display shape will make it harder for people to use NFTs that they don’t own on the platform.

HTC Vive Focus 3 Updates: Larger Play Space, Co-Location Mode, Wi-Fi 6E Coming Soon

HTC’s Vive Focus 3 is getting some major updates: support for a much larger play area, a multi-headset colocation mode, and soon 6 GHz Wi-Fi 6E.

Standalone colocation significantly reduces the cost of location based VR.