SteamVR and Oculus Players Can Finally Play ‘Beat Saber’ Together on Any Headset

One of VR’s most popular games, Beat Saber, got a multiplayer mode late last year. Unfortunately, Oculus and SteamVR players were separated, which means if your friend had a Quest and you had a Vive, you couldn’t play together. Now, almost a year after multiplayer was initially released, Beat Saber has full cross-play between Quest, Rift, and […]

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A 3D virtual reality camera that filmed Sunday’s spacewalk has been returned to the inside of the International Space Station. Meanwhile, the Expedition 65 continued its space biology research and lab maintenance activities on Thursday. A specialized video camera that filmed Sunday’s spacewalk in immersive virtual reality was grappled by the Canadarm2 robotic arm and …

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Beat Saber Enables Oculus & Steam Multiplayer Crossplay

Beat Saber players can now compete against one another no matter if they are using the Steam version of the game or the Oculus version of the game for Quest and Rift.