Instagram Launches New Series of Live Shopping Events for the Holidays

Instagram’s next round of live shopping streams has been announced, helping to highlight its evolving tools.

Pinterest Acquires Video Editing App Vochi to Expand its Creation Tools

The app, which enables users to add visual effects to their video clips, will help in Pinterest’s expanding video push,

After The Fall Review-In-Progress: The VR Co-Op Shooter To Beat?

After The Fall isn’t the most immersive VR shooter out there, but extensive online support and a fun gameplay loop might make it the co-op FPS to beat.

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VR Ears Review: Great Sound, With Issues

Rebuff Reality’s VR Ears offer powerful sound that’s much better than Quest 2’s own audio.

But it’s not quite as easy a sell as the VR Power. Read on for our VR Ears review!

New Trailer Debuts For Lovecraftian Horror Game The Shore VR

A new trailer is here for The Shore VR, a Lovecraftian horror game coming to PC VR sometime next year.

Art Studio VR Brings Canvas And 3D Model Painting To Quest

Another painting tool is on its way to Quest — Art Studio VR will launch on App Lab on December 10, with support for painting on canvas or imported 3D models.

PvP Dueling in VR: An In-Depth Look at Resolution Games’ Blaston

PvP Dueling in VR: An In-Depth Look at Resolution Games’ Blaston

In one of the trailer parks where I lived as a child, there was an acre-sized wooded area that was a fantastic place to build forts and play war games. It was basically a small loblolly pine forest with trees over 100 feet tall and pinecones that scattered the ground year round.

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Station Visitors Near Launch as Crew Stays Busy with Research

The Expedition 66 crew is getting ready to welcome three new visitors to the International Space Station on Wednesday. In the meantime, the seven orbital residents have started the work week on human research, space physics, and artificial intelligence. In Kazakhstan, the Soyuz MS-20 crew ship has rolled out from its processing facility and is …

Valve’s CEO Confirmed Work On New Headsets Ages Ago And We All Missed It

Back in May, Valve CEO Gabe Newell made some comments confirming work on “new headsets and games” at Valve, which went unnoticed until recently. 

Watch: First Quest 2 Footage Of Ultrawings 2 Debuts

Check out the first-ever Quest 2 footage of Ultrawings 2!

More details right here, straight from the Upload VR Showcase.