Meta Publishes New Guide on How to Get Started with Reels, and How to Improve Reels Performance

The guide covers the basics of Reels creation, along with some more advanced notes and tips.

Population: One Ending Quest 1 Support In October

Those with a original Quest headset will no longer be able to download or play Population: One from October 31, 2022. 

More info here.

“Rock Life: The Rock Simulator” review: What the VR community asked for is here

While yesterday the VR community was on fire because of the new anti-modding update of VRChat and the price rise

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Martech Stack Additions: What You Should Consider Before Signing a Contract

Software, Software Everywhere Companies are using more software than ever. The latest data from Zylo revealed the average enterprise-level organization has 323 SaaS apps in their stack and spends about $42 million on SaaS every year.  Even smaller organizations with fewer than 500 employees are buying and implementing about four new pieces of software every […]

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Community Contempt for ‘VRChat’ Update Leads Developer to ‘reprioritize internal roadmap’

VRChat, one of VR’s most popular social games, released an update this week has struck a nerve with its community. The long-running social VR application, VRChat has cultivated a large community of dedicated players since its release in 2017. And while the studio behind the project has largely made steady and welcomed improvements to the […]

Meta Raises Quest 2 Price to Stave off Growing Costs

Meta announced today something that we haven’t previously seen happen in the middle of a VR headset’s lifecycle—a price increase for Quest 2. To soften the blow, the company says it will include a free copy of the headset’s most popular game. When Quest 2 launched back in late 2020, it did so at $300; […]

Crew’s Wednesday Schedule Focuses on Exercise, Science, and Maintenance

The Expedition 67 crew members focused on exercise, science beneficial to humans on Earth and future crews in space, and routine maintenance checks as part of their activities aboard the International Space Station today. The seven station residents prioritized space exercise and took turns working out. They used the Tranquility module’s advanced resistive exercise device (ARED) to perform …

Getting the Most out of Meta Portal

Due to Meta’s major reshuffle in June, the firm has picked up its Portal smart display for immersive video calling. Initially launched in 2018, Meta has decided to resurrect its underperforming device as a workplace tool. Meta Portal uses voice control, along with Amazon Alexa integration, to automatically pan and follow an operator as they […]

ByteDance Files Pico 4 Patent Amid FCC Scandal

Despite ongoing controversy over US data collection concerns, ByteDance continues its immersive journey through its virtual reality (VR) hardware division, Pico Interactive, and its augmented reality (AR) content distribution platform TikTok. Bytedance hired roughly 40 people to assist in its US expansion following significant efforts to grow its extended reality (XR) division in June. The […]

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