Research: 5 Insights on Improving the Employee Experience

A top priority for marketing professionals is analyzing and improving the customer experience. We talk to customers, pour over the data, build the necessary technology stack, use customer journey mapping, build feedback loops, and more.  But what about improving the employee experience?  Improving the employee experience involves all departments and leaders in an organization. Marketing, […]

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HTC Teases Next VR Headset Ahead of Meta Connect & It’s Supposed to Be Small

HTC today teased what’s confirmed to be the company’s next VR headset, something the Vive-creator says will be “something big… we mean small.” There’s not much to go on for now, only a tweet which shows a piece of the headset in question with the subtitle “Go small or go home.” No name, no price, […]

‘Beat Saber’ Gets Lizzo Music Pack Today (and it’s about damn time)

VR’s favorite block-slashing rhythm game Beat Saber (2018) is getting its first Lizzo music pack today, featuring nine songs from the Grammy-winning artist that are sure to get you up and dancing. The new Lizzo Beat Saber Music Pack is set to drop today on all supported platforms, priced at $12 for the whole nine-song […]

Alleged Quest Pro Leak Shows Meta’s Next-gen Headset in Action

Immersed, a startup known for its work-focused productivity app for VR, may have jumped the gun a little early, as the company posted a short clip of what appears to be Meta’s upcoming Project Cambria mixed reality headset (aka ‘Quest Pro’). The video, spotted in a company blogpost, appears to be demonstrating the Immersed app in […]

Meta’s First Step Toward a Proper Metaverse: Avatars That Can “travel between” Two Platforms

Meta says it plans to connect Horizon Worlds and Crayta in ‘meaningful ways’ which will bring the first inkling of cross-platform interoperability to the company’s metaverse plans. Meta may be all in on the metaverse, but to date hasn’t done much to actually build one. Sure, the company has Horizon Worlds, which is no doubt a great […]

Station Awaits Arrival of SpaceX Crew-5 Members Today

Three astronauts and one cosmonaut are headed to the International Space Station aboard the SpaceX Dragon Endurance crew ship today. The seven-member Expedition 68 crew worked half-a-day today before sleep-shifting Thursday afternoon to prepare for the rendezvous and docking of the SpaceX Crew-5 mission. Crew-5 Commander Nicole Mann and Pilot Josh Cassada, both NASA astronauts, …

The Top XR Vendors Majoring in Construction in 2022

Extended Reality has taken the world by storm, influencing workflows throughout virtually every industry. The right tools not only improve collaboration between team members, but also pave the way for more innovative development and design processes. In the AEC environment, XR solutions are quickly becoming a critical part of the modern workflow. With virtual reality, […]

XR Healthcare Case Study: FundamentalVR and MITIE

FundamentalVR is an immersive learning platform which answers the demand for high-quality, repeatable, and efficient training scenarios for healthcare students. The platform simulates various healthcare scenarios so that students can learn with difficult-to-procure virtual equipment. Additionally, the service supports dispersed and at-home classrooms with immersive group learning opportunities. The platform’s unlimited multi-user mode lets a […]

Improbable Showcases Large-Scale Metaverse Tech

The Metaverse relies on the ingenuity of firms capable of deploying serious gaming technologies to provide enterprises, clients, and users with interoperable, persistent, and secure immersive experiences. One such company, Improbable, has developed the impossible with a breakthrough metaverse solution designed to facilitate massive-scale, concurrent user-based experiences for virtual events and gaming. Herman Narula, Founder […]

Nreal Apple Adapters Sell Out in 24 Hours

Global smart glasses firm Nreal opened pre-orders for a new iPhone-compatible smart glasses adaptor on Amazon for $59. The firm also opened sales of its Air smart glasses on the digital storefront for $379. 24 hours later, both products sold out on the marketplace, highlighting massive augmented reality (AR) interest across the iOS user base, […]