The 10 Coolest PC Monitors You Can Buy Today

PC monitors come in a wide variety of sizes and specs, and the perfect one for you is dependent on how you plan to use your computer.

Twitter Is Rolling Out Recommended Tweets To Everyone

More and more recommended tweets will now show up on everyone’s timelines, as Twitter iterates on its algorithm to send tweets even to older accounts.

Virtual Showroom Case Study: Nreal and BMW

In October, Nreal, a manufacturer of consumer-grade smart glasses, partnered with BMW to continue its exploration into enterprise use cases. The firms partnered to deliver a mixed reality (MR) virtual showroom for BMW’s iX1 electric car. The duo also collaborated on the project with Axel Springer National Media & Tech, AUTO BILD, and Deutsche Telekom. […]

Timex Goes Ape with BAYC Web3 Phygital Partnership

Timex, the top-selling watch in the United States, has teamed up with the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) to launch a limited-edition collection of phygital non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The Web3 project will offer a world-first of phygital products for use in the real and virtual world for Bored Ape and Mutant Ape holders. Timex’s luxury […]

LiBEST To Reveal Flexible Battery Metaverse Device

South Korean startup firm LiBEST has partnered with humanoid robotics enterprise to develop a metaverse device leveraging the former’s flexible rechargeable batteries. Both plan to debut the joint effort at the Consumer Electronics Show 5 January 2023. Several products from the partnership include the Exo-Sensor and Exo-Skeleton Gloves. The former offers motion commands to […]

Writing Marketing Content: A Proven Framework

Wondering how to easily write marketing content? Looking for a step-by-step model? To discover how to create written content that helps businesses, I interview Ann Handley.



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LinkedIn Announces Expanded Roll-Out of New ‘Focused Inbox’ Format for InMail

LinkedIn’s ‘Focused Inbox’ essentially adds a new spam filter to your LI messages.

TikTok Announces the Top European TikTok Ads of 2022

TikTok has also shared the top performing TikTok ad campaigns from across the EU.

YouTube Shares the Top Creators, Clips and Ads of 2022

YouTube’s top trends overview provides an interesting perspective on the year that was.

Reddit Announces ‘Future Tellers’ Marketing Insights Event for CES 2023

Reddit’s looking to highlight its value as a market research and audience insights tool.