LinkedIn Announces ‘Talent Connect’ 2022 Conference

The event will explore the latest trends and insights into the HR and recruitment sector.

Meta Launches ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ Initiative to Highlight Emerging Digital Artists

Meta’s looking to establish stronger bods with the next generation of digital artists.

Vive Focus 3 Gets Face & Eye Tracking Add-Ons Ahead Of Quest Pro Launch

HTC now sells eye and face tracking add-ons for Vive Focus 3, a month before Quest Pro’s launch.

First Contact Reveals Firewall Ultra, A Zero Hour Follow-Up For PSVR 2

First Contact announced Firewall Ultra today, a follow-up and evolution of Firewall Zero Hour, releasing exclusively for PSVR 2.

More details here.

Quest 2’s 120Hz Refresh Rate Will Soon No Longer Be An Experimental Option

Quest 2’s 120Hz refresh rate mode will soon no longer be experimental.

How to Assess Your Content Performance: 5 Tools You Haven’t Tried

Content analysis is a marketing task that’s never really complete. You need to come back to your old content again and again to see what should be updated, which new visibility opportunities can be pursued and how to better optimize it for more conversions. With that in mind, there’s no set list of content analysis […]

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HTC Launches Aftermarket Face & Eye-trackers for Vive Focus 3

HTC today announced it’s releasing both facial and eye-tracking units for its Vive Focus 3 standalone VR headset. The company says its new trackers will offer “more natural and immersive VR experiences, new options for enterprises to measure user responses, and even more accessible interaction methods such as gaze control.” The units are priced at […]

VR Vet Phaser Lock Announces Co-op Dino Hunting Game ‘Primal Hunt’

Phaser Lock Interactive, the VR studio behind Final Assault (2019) and Twisted Arrow (2017), announced an upcoming co-op dinosaur hunting game that pits you against a Jurassic Park’s worth of the mighty beasts—even Tyrannosaurus Rex. Called Primal Hunt, the cross-platform co-op game gives you a variety of armor and weapons as you track down and fight the […]

Designing Enterprise Avatars with HTC VIVE

Avatars are a way for individuals to represent themselves in virtual, augmented or mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) immersive experiences. Most immersive communication services come with feature-rich, inclusive avatar creation suites, including ENGAGE, Meta Horizons, and HTC’s VIVEVERSE. Creating a Bussiness-Savey Avatar To create a unique enterprise avatar on the HTC VIVE ecosystem, a user must access […]

IGS Europe 2022 to Rally XR at Madeira’s Savoy Palace

The ongoing bid to unite the virtual, augmented, mixed, and extended reality (VR/AR/MR/XR) sectors requires significant joint efforts to develop novel solutions, technologies, platforms, and standards. Organisations such as the VR/AR Association have responded to the demands of a rapidly changing tech sector since 2015 by providing a platform capable of facilitating such transformative development. […]