CCP is Finally Pulling the Plug on VR Pioneers ‘EVE: Valkyrie’ & ‘Sparc’

EVE: Valkyrie (2016), the sci-fi dogfighter from CCP Games, used to be one of most talked about titles in VR thanks to its cross-platform multiplayer, high visual polish, and position as one of the first games on Oculus Rift and PSVR. Starting August 5th, CCP is shutting down its servers for both EVE: Valkyrie and and […]

Here’s a Breakdown of the Newly Increased Prices of Quest 2 & Official Accessories

Now that August is here, Meta has made good on its promise to raise the price of Quest 2 and its accessories. Here’s a quick look at how the company has increased prices for its most popular VR headset yet. If you’ve been following along you’ll recall that Meta announced just last week that it […]

Crew Focus on Prepping Equipment and Samples for Science Experiments

The Expedition 67 crew focused a portion of their time aboard the International Space Station today prepping equipment and samples for various science experiments. NASA Flight Engineer Kjell Lindgren spent the latter part of the day changing the media for specific samples inside the Life Sciences Glovebox. He performed the task for an investigation studying …

Big XR News from Xiaomi, NVIDIA, Epic Games, XRAI Glass, and the WEF

More innovations made headways in the global extended reality (XR) market last week, all of which demonstrated fresh use cases for the emerging technologies and their influence on the lives of users. If you would like to keep up to date with the top stories across the virtual, augmented, mixed, and extended reality (VR/AR/MR/XR), please […]

What Are the Seven Layers of the Metaverse?

Over the last two years, metaverse technologies have matured due to investments from firms such as Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Epic Games, and many others. According to research from Emergen Research last year, the Metaverse was valued at $47.69 billion in 2020 and would reach $829 billion by 2028. US social media giant Facebook is transforming […]

TravelZoo to Launch Subscription-Based Metaverse SaaS

Last Thursday, online tourism aggregator Travelzoo revealed plans to debut a Metaverse Software as a Service (SaaS) eCommerce platform, with an estimated September release date. The firm introduced TravelZoo: Meta during its Second Quarter 2022 Performance presentation. The SaaS will debut as a browser-based platform, allowing users to interact with digital immersive travel experiences. TravelZoo: […] Expands Vuzix Smart Glasses to UK, EU Markets

Last Tuesday, Vuzix entered a distribution deal with to scale its smart glasses product availability for the UK and northern EU customers. Westbase is a proven industry distributor of extended reality (XR) products, including 4G, 5G, and internet of things (IoT) solutions. The firm is now distributing Vuzix’s augmented reality (AR) products, and as […]

What to Post on LinkedIn: The 5 Content Types That Work Best [Infographic]

Stuck for post ideas? Here are some tips on what you should be posting to LinkedIn.

Reddit Shares Insights into Usage by Parents and Students [Infographic]

Reddit has presented its case for marketers looking to maximize their Back to School campaigns.

A Look at the Most In-Demand Skills for Social Media Managers [Infographic]

PostBeyond looked at the most commonly listed skills in social media manager job ads on Indeed.