Top XR Vendors majoring in Field Services in 2022

As demand for Extended Reality experiences increases, some industries are seeing more opportunities within these technologies than others. For instance, in a naturally distributed, fast-paced, and agile environment, like field services, XR can be an extremely powerful tool. Extended Reality in field services can help professionals to assess and fix problems in machinery from a […]

LinkedIn Publishes New ‘Recharge Your Marketing’ Digital Magazine to Inspire Your 2022 Approach

The 48-page magazine includes a range of insights and tips to help you improve your marketing approach. 

Meta Uncovers Coordinated Misinformation Initiatives Targeting Ukrainian Users

Meta’s teams are working hard to stop the spread of misinformation around the Ukrainian conflict.

TikTok Confirms that 10 Minute Video Uploads are Coming to All Users

Longer clips are coming to TikTok – but is that a good thing?

Instagram Announces Closure of Separate IGTV App, Removal of In-Stream Video Ads

Instagram continues to refine its video offerings, and hone in on Reels as its key engagement pathway.

Zuckerberg: Face & Eye Tracking ‘A Big Focus’ For Next Version Of Quest

Mark Zuckerberg said face & eye tracking are a “big focus” for “the next version of Quest”.

He suggested Meta will prioritize these features over making headsets as slim & light as possible.

More Valve Standalone VR Hints From Gabe Newell: ‘Why Can’t I Have Tetherless Integrated VR?’

Valve’s Gabe Newell has dropped more hints about a possible Valve standalone VR headset.

This time he asked: “Why can’t I have that in a tetherless integrated VR solution?”

Why indeed, Gabe?

The XR Week Peek (2022.02.28): PSVR 2 revealed, Meta working on AI and 5G, and more!

I know that in these crazy war moments probably we all are a bit less interested in the news about

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Report: PSVR 2 Rumored to Release in Early 2023, Missing Holiday Season

It’s widely thought that PSVR 2, Sony’s next-gen VR headset for PlayStation 5, is expected to release sometime the last half of 2022, which would position it as a pretty tempting gift for this holiday season. Now, a report from noted PSVR leaker ‘PSVR Without Parole‘ alleges the headset will launch instead in early 2023. […]

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Crew Works Robotics, Spacesuits as Station Orbits Higher for Crew Swap

The Expedition 66 crew kicked off the week working on robotics, spacesuits, and advanced research equipment. The International Space Station is also orbiting higher to get ready for a crew swap at the end of March. Flight Engineers Raja Chari of NASA and Matthias Maurer of ESA (European Space Agency) started Monday collecting their blood …