Big XR News from Meta, Krouli, Google, Avocor, Delta Reality, and Illuminarium

The week of the 10 to 13 May offered a celebrated event at Spain’s Fira de Barcelona, which hosted the Integrated Systems Europe 2022 for hundreds of the world’s top immersive and audiovisual tech firms. Further abroad, many companies such as Meta and Delta Reality also made huge moves in the extended reality (XR) space […]

Liteboxer VR Taps Meta Hand Tracking API

As the spring and summer months progress this year, more people are seeking ways to get in shape, namely as most global COVID-19 pandemic restrictions ease and people return to their active routines. Companies have begun exploring immersive solutions aimed at combining the latest in virtual reality (VR) hand and eye-tracking, fitness tracking, and social […]

INMO Secures $10m for New Smart Glasses

On Monday, Shenzhen-based smart glasses startup INMO, also known as Yingmu Technology, secured roughly $10 million in Round-A funding drive that enables the firm to build its devices and support the development of new Social augmented reality (AR) content. Investors Hello Group and Mumian Capital secured INMO with their funding. Additionally, Hello Group is working […]

Snap Acquires KeyDB for Open-Source Services

Snap Inc acquired KeyDB, an open-source databasing service, for an unconfirmed sum, global tech media reported on Thursday last week. The purchase enables Snap to transition its immersive augmented reality (AR) platform into an open-source service to improve accessibility and support Snapchat-based technologies. It also enables in-house Snap developers to reduce operational costs and assist […]

The Social Media Manager Role is Evolving, as New Marketing Practices Take Shape [Infographic]

The role of a social media manager has changed significantly in recent years – check out this new report from SocialInsider.

New Survey Looks at the Top Tools and Apps Used by Digital Marketing Professionals [Infographic]

What tools are marketers getting the most value from? Check out this report.

How to Promote Your Business on TikTok Using Influencers [Infographic]

Looking for the best way to maximize your TikTok promotions? Check out this graphic.

Instagram Will Host a Physical Pop-Up Store in NYC This Week

Instagram will showcase a range of creators and products at its first NYC pop-up store.

TCL Presents Ultra Compact 2K VR LCDs With 120 Hz Refresh Rate

TCL presented the most compact LCD panel for VR we’ve seen yet, and showed a fully standalone prototype with Vive Flow sized 2K panels.

Meta Revealed The Detailed Specs Of Quest 2’s LCD Display

Meta revealed the detailed specs of Quest 2’s LCD panel and hinted at future display priorities.